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Maxtrac Discount Springs Alfa Romeo 75 05/85-02/92 10101170-2

Maxtrac Discount Springs Alfa Romeo 75 05/85-02/92 10101170-2

Maxtrac Discount Springs Alfa Romeo 75 05/85-02/92 10101170-2   Maxtrac Discount Springs Alfa Romeo 75 05/85-02/92 10101170-2

Maxtrac springs rebates springs alfa romeo 75 05/85-02/92 10101170-2. This product sheet has been automatically translated.

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Spare parts and car accessories. How to find the number hsn and tsn! Registration of the new vehicle fields 2.1 and 2.2 registration of the old vehicle the fields for2 - for3. Enlarge the image with the click of a mouse.

Also suitable for the vehicles mentioned above in the vehicle use list! Lowering Springs - Series 1.01 contains only springs for the rear axle! While the original suspensions focus on maximum comfort, it is possible to give the vehicle a sporty appearance with the help of lowering springs.

The maxtrac 1.01 lowering springs are a good compromise between comfort and sportiness, and the subtle to extreme lowering gives the vehicle a sporty note with increasing spring characteristics. Maxtrac springs are convinced by optimal turn behaviour and a reduced tendency to roll. Suitable for the following vehicles: manufacturer: alfa romeo vehicle: 75 type: 162b year of construction: 05 / 1985-02 / 1992 lowering: 40 mm charge per front axle: - / rear: - with certificate of parts remarks: (6) item number: 10101170 tips 1. Can only be used with shortened shock absorbers 2. Cylindrical front axle springs 3.

Front axle springs with a rolled end coil 4. Not suitable for vehicles imported in parallel with a shock holder on triangle 5. The spring kit contains only front axle springs 6. The spring kit contains only rear axle springs 7.

The rubber spring plates on the rear side are available from mercedes in different thicknesses and can be influenced up to -15 mm 8. \"31-p-026436\" the spring plate goes factory-made (above) to be replaced by the spring plate vag \"iho-412341\" 9. Can't be used for vehicles with factory sport suspension 10.

The lowering of the \"elegance\" and \"sport\" versions will be lower than indicated 11 the lowering of vehicles with factory lowering will be less than that indicated 12. The full chassis can only be used for vehicles from 01/1998 13. When controlling bmw 3/1 chassis, type e30, please note the outside diameter of the force leg goes: 45 mm or 51 mm 14. Only for braces without mounting support for stabilizer 15.

Can't be used for vehicles with level 16 control. Front axle springs with higher stiffness to 17. Because of the very different weights of the vehicles, an exact lowering is not necessary to 18.

For alfa romeo 145 and 155, from the 1995 construction year, the rating is lower than that indicated 19. Not for 20-wheel drive vehicles.

The chassis can only be used for vehicles from 06/1983 21. For Germany only available via certain contractual partners 22. Until 09/1978, replace the upper spring plate with original vw parts \"171 412 341 a\" 23. Only available in full chassis 24. Can't be used for the combi 25 version. Can't be used for 4ws 26.

Only available as stock remaining 27. Not for vehicles with 4-matic and version with elongated wheelbase 28. The full chassis cannot be used for vehicles equipped with the standard \"sportpack\" 29.

The chassis can only be used for vehicles until 01/1994. Before you buy, pay attention to the restrictions on the vehicle list to find the right spare. If in doubt, please contact us and we will find the right springs for your vehicle. You will find this information in your vehicle registration under the following numbers: manufacturer's number column 2.1 column number 2.2. (islands on request) (all cash shipping costs in advance).

Register the seller as a favorite. Bsr erc koni kw bsr erc koni kw nov. Tieferlegen, prokit, sport-line, pro-kit, sportline, sportfahrwerk. The item \"maxtrac springs of discounting springs alfa romeo 75 05/85-02/92 10101170-2\" is on sale since Friday, January 15, 2021. It is in the category \"auto, motorcycle - parts, accessories-tuning, styling-suspension-short spring kits\". The seller is \"aze_hammelburg\" and is located at/in bayern. This item can be shipped to the following country: Europe.
  1. group: discount springs
  2. type of product: springs
  3. art: sport springs
  4. reference number oe2: lowering,pro kit,sport-line,pro kit,sportline, sportline
  5. malemerk: improved handling
  6. reference number oe1: sport spring set, shock absorbers, sport shock absorber, chassis
  7. eigen stock: reduced curl to driving
  8. reference number oe: spotive springs of the lowering
  9. manufacturer's coin number: 10101170
  10. siceractical 2: lowering
  11. type: focus/sport
  12. divers: optimized driving dynamics
  13. fabricant: maxtrac
  14. mark: - unmarked/generic -

Maxtrac Discount Springs Alfa Romeo 75 05/85-02/92 10101170-2   Maxtrac Discount Springs Alfa Romeo 75 05/85-02/92 10101170-2