Alfa Romeo Alfetta

Adjusted Car Cover Sahara For Alfa Romeo Alfetta Gtv Gtv6 72-87

Adjusted Car Cover Sahara For Alfa Romeo Alfetta Gtv Gtv6 72-87
Adjusted Car Cover Sahara For Alfa Romeo Alfetta Gtv Gtv6 72-87
Adjusted Car Cover Sahara For Alfa Romeo Alfetta Gtv Gtv6 72-87
Adjusted Car Cover Sahara For Alfa Romeo Alfetta Gtv Gtv6 72-87
Adjusted Car Cover Sahara For Alfa Romeo Alfetta Gtv Gtv6 72-87
Adjusted Car Cover Sahara For Alfa Romeo Alfetta Gtv Gtv6 72-87
Adjusted Car Cover Sahara For Alfa Romeo Alfetta Gtv Gtv6 72-87

Adjusted Car Cover Sahara For Alfa Romeo Alfetta Gtv Gtv6 72-87    Adjusted Car Cover Sahara For Alfa Romeo Alfetta Gtv Gtv6 72-87

Adjusted car cover sahara for alfa romeo alfetta gtv gtv6 72-87. We are happy to present you the latest exterior protection for your car... We have worked hard to ensure that you, as a customer, will receive the quality of absolutely waterproof car sheets in our days. These tarpaulins use modern high-tech materials that combine breathable fabric with durability and resistance. Double brushing and very strong elasticated edges combine to guarantee the maximum protection of your car's paint and body that is maintained by years of service.

These unique tarpaulins are suitable for use in the garage. They are breathable, 100% ultra-violet resistant, protect against sunlight, dust, scratching, tree sap etc! They are suitable for use with years by helping to keep the interior cold in warm climate conditions. Melted paint is eliminated by uv resistance. Made of thick, unwoven material, these tarpaulins do not deposit on mohair or a canvas material.

They are also hand washable or machine washable. Robust safety straps are provided. We provide special silicone tarpaulins that can be mounted on the strap connectors to prevent scratching of the paint. Breathable fabric to allow moisture and moistness to escape.

Double thermo-welded seams for long resistance. Safety straps with soft silicone tarpaulins. Front and rear elasticated edges for comfortable mounting.

100% ultra-violet resistant fabric to prevent faded paint. They also have a pleasant compressibility and take up very little space.

Important - if the item is delivered damaged you must sign for it as damaged and notify us within 24 hours of receiving order. We would like to ask that you do not arrange any events that are related to receiving the item until it is has currently been received and it has been checked full by yourself to ensure it is intact and correct.

Customers have 30 days from receipt to return any goods for no other reason than the item being faulty or error made by cool rims. We do not accept goods back outside this time frame. The address the items to be delivered once the return process has started is. In the event of the problem being due to misuse then it would be the responsibility of the end user to arrange collection of the goods.

Guaranteee, if the item developments a fall which is covered by the manufactures guaranteee and is during the manufacturers warrante period then we will repair the item and in the event of this not being possible we will replace on a like for like bases. The company does not accept responsibility for damage to any equipment in which our products are used for the purpose other than that for which it was designed. Cool rims included of a team of highly focused and motivated automotive professionals and all of us have petrol flowing through our veins. If it's got an engine in the front/back, or preferably in the middle and low to the ground, we love it! With this in mind we hope it will have you racing back to score us 5 stars and leaving excellent feedback.

If not, we want to know about it and we will definitely begin a full investigation on your need. Customer service is our number one priority - it is what sets us apart from the rest - and if you don't make usware of any problem you may have we can't correct it for you. This will in turn also help us to improve the experience for other customers and put things right where you feel they may have gone wrong. We would love to hear from you and interacting with the motoring community is our favorite past time, being the total'oil-heads' that we are. Send us pictures of the world's most challenged cars, stunning cars, or downright weird cars - captures always give us a lugh too or just information of any events you want to share with the cool rims community - this is your domain so please feel free to use as you wish obviously within reason!

The following conditions apply to and are deemed to be incorporated in all contracts for sale and supply of the company's services and materials. By purchasing an item from cool rims you are agreeing to abide by the following terms and conditions. The placing of an order express acceptance of our terms and conditions of business. Due to systems limitations we are unable to deduct vat for export out of the uk. The make, model and year stated refer to the production run of the vehicle not the actual year of the vehicle.

If clarification is required, please check prior to ordering. With the items specifics as based on the cool rims website it shows detail on what is involved with the fitment of the equipment. Cool rims cannot be helped responsible for any inaccuracies with this data and the items fitting instructions take precedent.

We may contact you to advise you of any special offers. If you do not wish to receive this notification, please let us know in writing. Apollo car covers have exciting new manufactures of a teflon coating ensuring that water droplets run straight off. They are ultra robust outdoor waterproof covers. Sahara car covers are breathable and suitable for long term use.

They are exceptional non shrink covers that are particularly suitable for sports cars & classic cars as the fabric will not leave fluff on mohair or canvas hooding material. Stormforce car covers are suitable for frequent and long term use. They are a 4 layer construction that is both waterproof & breathable. These car covers offer the best outdoor protection for all seasons. Monsoon car covers are specifically made for long term winter storage and these are an ideal choice where absolute waterproofing is essential.

These are heavy duty waterproof & sold outdoor covers for cars that are not used through the winter or only used occasionally. These car covers are manufactured to be a skin tight fit, accentuating the curves and lines of your car when fitted. Voyager car covers are light however they are extremely strong. They are often used on daily bases where overnight protection is required. Due to their size and material they have good compatibility and small storage size which makes them ideal to remove and pop in the boot when not in use.

Coolrims specializes in the distribution of bespoke vehicle covers. We have 100's of full tailed patterns & over 12,000 covers in stock for immediate despatch.

Our range caters for most popular cars from the 1930's to date & included mopeds, motorbikes, sports cars, classic cars, city cars, hatchbacks, saloons, estates, limousines, suv's 4x4's, vans and campers. This item is in the category "auto, motorcycle - parts, accessories\ automobile: parts and accessories\ exterior: parts and accessories\ car caps". The seller is "brandsdirectfr" and is located in this country: pl. This item can be shipped to the following country: whole world.
  1. upc: 3800975500805
  2. year: 3800975500805
  3. characteristics: inner, breathable, ultraviolet resistant, washable, monolayer
  4. Colour: black
  5. description of amendment: does not apply
  6. carform: sedan/cut
  7. Manufacturer guarantee: 1 year
  8. mark: cover zone
  9. Car mark: alfa romeo Vehicle mark: alfa romeo
  10. material: non-woven polypropylene
  11. Car model: alfetta, gtv, gtv6 Manufacturer part number: ccc136
  12. reference number oe/oem: does not apply
  13. iam number (independent aftermarket): does not apply
  14. modified object: no
  15. Customized package package: complete package
  16. country of manufacture:United Kingdom
  17. Unit quantity: 1
  18. type: full car cover
  19. unit of measurement: unit
  20. Year car: '72-'87

Adjusted Car Cover Sahara For Alfa Romeo Alfetta Gtv Gtv6 72-87    Adjusted Car Cover Sahara For Alfa Romeo Alfetta Gtv Gtv6 72-87